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Bankruptcy Resources

Use the resources on this page to help you understand bankruptcy. There is information about various bankruptcy laws in Connecticut, Connecticut exceptions and various bankruptcy related terms.

  • Connecticut Bankruptcy Exemption Laws
    For those looking for bankruptcy exemption information specifically related to the State of Connecticut this resource which lists all associated exemption laws will help you.
  • Federal Bankruptcy Exemption Laws
    There are some Federal Exemption laws which can be used rather than your State’s particular exemptions. You can read the entire section of the USC : Title 11 Bankruptcy Code.
  • Connecticut Bankruptcy Statistics
    Browse in-depth statistics related to Connecticut bankruptcy fillings in any given year. These statistics are updated yearly and cover all Connecticut towns and counties.
  • Glossary of Terms
    Browse a glossary of common terms that are found throughout bankruptcy filing documents. Doing so will help you get a better and more thorough understanding of your case.
  • Common Bankruptcy Definitions
    To compliment our list of common bankruptcy terms we put together a list of common bankruptcy definitions which will expand on the most common definitions found in bankruptcy.
  • Automatic Stay FAQ
    The Automatic Stay is part of the US Bankruptcy law. It provides a certain degree of comfort and protection for debtors.
  • Famous Celebrity Bankruptcies
    Are you interested in seeing how some celebrities had to go through bankruptcy too? We’ve got you covered!

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