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Celebrity Bankruptcies Category

Throughout the history of bankruptcy, there have always been celebrities who have needed to declare bankruptcy too!. This category is dedicated to showcasing famous bankruptcies by celebrities and the rich and famous.

Bankruptcy of Ford, Heinz and Hershey

Today we’re going to look at 3 giants of the American economy who declared bankruptcy. One giant started his life as a watch-maker. This watch-maker pioneered a revolution in transportation and indeed his contribution is still with us in the world every day of the week. Our second giant started life as a farm boy […]

Rembrandt, Morris and Jay Cooke

Today we’re going to take a look at 3 celebrity bankruptcies who were very successful during their time but had to rebound from catastrophes or reversals of fortune; to go on and again achieve great success. It goes to show you that even people of immense talent have problems just like everyone else. Our 3 […]

Bankruptcy of John Connally

Today our featured celebrity that declared bankruptcy is John Connolly. John Connally is certainly an Irish name. We might think of John Connolly the Irish author, who wrote about a former police office who became a detective hunting for the killers of wife and daughter. You may think of His Excellency, John Connolly the Second […]

240 Pair of Michael Jordan Sneakers During Bankruptcy

Who among us has almost $7,000 to blow on athletic shoes? Warren Sapp, a top NFL defensive tackle who patrolled the gridiron trenches for over a decade, has the dough. Or at least he had. Sapp, a seven-timer Pro Bowler for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and currently a football analyst for the NFL Network, is […]

Famous Presidents and CEOs Have Declared Bankruptcy

Abraham Lincoln was one of our greatest famous presidents—winning the Civil War to keep the Union together and emancipating the slaves. But—he was a terrible businessman and declared bankruptcy. Lincoln tried many occupations as a young man, including buying a general store in New Salem, Illinois, in 1832. But his sales were dismal and the […]

Bankruptcy as a Business a Success Story

Why has American gone from a forest or wilderness and in 200 years to the world’s superpower? ANSWER: We have had a dynamic economic where people can start again after an economic set-back. Without bankruptcy protection most of us might still be driving horse-and-buggies—or schlepping around on bicycles—while the wealthy one percent are motoring around […]

Celebrity Bankruptcy: Buddy Holly Story – Gary Busey

How many other celebrities who have earned tens of millions of dollars from movies, have declared bankruptcy? The ranks are legion.Kim Bassinger, Burt Reynolds, Debbie Reynolds, MC Hammer, Meat Loaf, Latoya Jackson, Mickey Rooney, Gary Coleman, Tammy Wynette, Sherman Hemsley, Wayne Newton, Which begs the question from the 99% of us who are ordinary Joes […]