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Bankruptcy Video FAQs

Below is our bankruptcy video FAQ section for people considering declaring bankruptcy. We’ve decided to list the most popular bankruptcy related questions are asked by our clients but if you don’t see your question below, we invite you to contact our office directly. We’d be more than happy to assist you.

Frequently asked questions about bankruptcy

  1. What is Bankruptcy?
  2. What are the causes of bankruptcy?
  3. What are the chapters?
  4. Can I buy or rent after I file bankruptcy?
  5. Will it be in the newspaper if I file bankruptcy?
  6. Will I go to jail if I file bankruptcy?
  7. Will bankruptcy stop harassing phone calls?
  8. If I file bankruptcy, will they take my furniture?
  9. At what point should I consider filing bankruptcy?
  10. Is there an alternative to bankruptcy?
  11. Can I keep my cars, home and pension and get rid of my debts?
  12. How long does a bankruptcy take?
  13. Do I list debts to relatives/friends in my bankruptcy petition?
  14. Are student loans dischargeable in bankruptcy?
  15. Are taxes dischargeable in bankruptcy?
  16. What is and isn’t dischargeable in bankruptcy?
  17. Can I get fired or demoted because I file bankruptcy?
  18. If I owe my dentist, do I have to list him as a creditor?
  19. I haven’t paid on my mortgage in 5 months. can I keep my house?
  20. Can I reduce my car payments in a Chapter 13?
  21. What does it cost to file bankruptcy?
  22. If I don’t know who I owe, how do I discover my creditors?
  23. How long does a bankruptcy take? (long answer)
  24. How long do I wait to go to court?
  25. Are gambling debts dischargeable in bankruptcy?
  26. Once I file bankruptcy, do I have to continue to pay on my car and house?
  27. How can I improve my credit report after I file for bankruptcy?
  28. Any special tip before I file bankruptcy?
  29. What questions should I ask an Attorney about their experience in filing bankruptcy petitions?
  30. What Happens If I Win The Lottery During Bankruptcy?