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Groton Connecticut Attorney David Falvey Certified in Consumer Bankruptcy

Action Advocacy, PC Bankruptcy Attorney David Falvey

Attorney Dave Falvey is Board Certified and a Bankruptcy Specialist.

Thousands of clients have, for over 25 years relied on Dave to take them out of the deep waters of debt and they have nothing but thanks to offer him for his hard work in bringing their financial crisis to a happy ending.

Professional Licenses

Admitted to:

  1. United States Supreme Court
  2. United States Second Circuit Court of Appeals
  3. United States District Court for Connecticut
  4. Connecticut Supreme Court
  5. Connecticut Superior Court

Professional Organizations

Member of:

  1. Connecticut Bar Association
  2. American Bankruptcy Institute
  3. National Consumer Law Center
  4. Member of National Association of Bankruptcy Attorneys
  5. Better Business Bureau

August 18, 1998 – the American Board of Certification announced that David Falvey, an attorney with the Groton, Action Advocacy, PC Law Office, has successfully completed the requirements for national certification in consumer bankruptcy law.

To become certified, Mr. Falvey satisfied the following requirements:

  • Full time practice of law for at least five years
  • Good standing in the bars of all states in which where a license to practice law is held
  • Devoted at least 30% of practice time and at least 400 hours to bankruptcy related matters in the last three years
  • Documented involvement consumer bankruptcy by providing information on cases practiced
  • Demonstrated commitment to continuing legal education by earning at least 60 hours of bankruptcy education in the past three years
  • Passed an extensive, day-long written examination covering consumer bankruptcy issues

The American Board of Certification (ABC), is an American Bar Association accredited non-profit organization dedicated to serving the public and improving the quality of the bankruptcy bar.

The rigorous ABC certification standards are designed to encourage bankruptcy practitioners to strive toward excellence and to recognize those attorneys who are experts in the bankruptcy field. The ABC offers separate certification programs in business and consumer bankruptcy and creditors rights.

The ABC is co-sponsored by The American Bankruptcy Institute and the Commercial Law League of America. The ABC Board of Directors consists of many of the nation’s finest bankruptcy and creditors’ rights lawyers, former judges, and law professors.

Attorney Paulann Sheets, Of Counsel

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