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If you live in Connecticut, you're invited to a no-charge consultation to discuss bankruptcy and all your other debt related options. Your free consultation will allow you to understand your particular situation and launch a plan of action that will get your out of debt and onto a fresh start. You can •••click here to set up a virtual consultation.

When you submit your request for a free consultation, you’ll receive a verification email with the 3 forms you will need to fill out and either bring with you to your consultation, fax or email back to us. The 3 forms you will receive via email are our Client Information in-take form, a Financial in-take form, and a Section 341 Questions form. These forms work in conjunction with the bankruptcy law requirements for the state of Connecticut.

We will be contacting you very shortly, but if you have any questions about your consultation, you can give us a call at 860-449-1510 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

What is Our Mission?

Our mission is to provide the consumer with an objective and professional evaluation of all options when dealing with debt. We strive to help clients ‘turn the negative into a positive‘, namely, improving credit scores within 12-24 months after filing a bankruptcy petition.

How are we different?

Unlike most bankruptcy Attorneys we also provide alternatives to bankruptcy. We understand that no one wants to file for bankruptcy, and that there are situations where bankruptcy is not a viable option in settling your debt; whether the reason be legal or psychological.

That is why when we meet with clients we present the full picture of their options and apply the most effective strategy to deal with it.

We are confident we are the only legal practice offering this unique approach to helping our clients manage their debts and by providing as much associated bankruptcy information as possible. While most firms will preach to you why one option is the best over the other, we present all options and explain all the pro’s and con’s so you can make an educated decision that will work for you.