Bankruptcy FAQs

If you have questions about bankruptcy, filing, which lawyer to choose, which option is best for you, or just need answers to various bankruptcy related questions, you’ll find them on this page. If after perusing this video FAQ section of our website, you don’t find the answers you’re looking for, simply call our office and we’ll be happy to help you.

Below is our bankruptcy video FAQ section for people considering declaring bankruptcy. We’ve decided to list the most popular question asked by our clients but if you don’t see your question below, we invite you to contact our office directly, or visit our services page for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bankruptcy

Connecticut Bankruptcy Introduction

Where Is The Bankruptcy Court in Connecticut?

What to Expect when You Go to Court

What Are The Filing Fees Bankruptcy?

When Do I Go To Court After Declaring Bankruptcy?

How Long Does A Bankruptcy Take?

Who Has Declared Bankruptcy?

What Exactly Is Bankruptcy?

What Are The Chapters Available in Bankruptcy?

Can a Person Buy Or Rent After Declaring Bankruptcy?

Will my Name be in the News if I Declare Bankruptcy?

Will I Go To Jail If I Declare Bankruptcy?

If I File Bankruptcy Will Harassing Calls Stop?

Will My Furniture Be Repossessed If I File Bankruptcy?

When is the Best Time to Declare Bankruptcy?

Is There An Alternative To Bankruptcy?

Can I Keep My Car or Home If I Declare Bankruptcy?

How Long Does A Bankruptcy Discharge Take?

Do I Have to List Relative & Friend Debts in Bankruptcy?

Will Creditors Show Up to My Meeting of Creditors?

Can Student Loans Be Discharged in Chapter 7?

Can You Discharge Taxes in Chapter 13?

What Can I Discharge In Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Can I Get Fired Because I File Bankruptcy?

Do I List My Dentists As A Creditor?

Are Bankruptcies On The Increase?

Can I Keep My House If I Missed My Mortgage Payments?

I Missed Car Payments, Can I Reduce My Payments?

How Can I Declare Bankruptcy When I'm Bankrupt?

How Do I Discover My Creditors?

Can I Discharge Gambling Debts In Bankruptcy?

Do I Still Make Payments on My Home/Car After Bankruptcy?

What Tips Improve My Credit Score After Bankruptcy?

Tips Before Declaring Bankruptcy

Choosing The Right Bankruptcy Attorney

Legal Help For Student Loan Debts

How Does Chapter Bankruptcy 13 Work? [Part 9]

What Are My Options If I Don't Want My House or Can't Afford It? [Part 8]

How Can I Keep My Home if I Am Having Trouble Affording It? [Part 7]

If I File For Bankruptcy Will I Lose My Home? [Part 6]

Who Finds Out About My Bankruptcy Filing [Part 5]

Do I Qualify for Bankruptcy, And How Long Does It Take? [Part 4]

What Are The Filing Requirements For Bankruptcy? [Part 3]

Why File Bankruptcy? [Part 2]

The Truth About Bankruptcy in Connecticut [Part 1]

The Origin of Debt & Bankruptcy - Part 7

The Origin of Debt & Bankruptcy - Part 6

The Origin of Debt & Bankruptcy - Part 5

The Origin of Debt & Bankruptcy - Part 4

The Origin of Debt & Bankruptcy - Part 3

The Origin of Debt & Bankruptcy - Part 2

The Origin of Debt & Bankruptcy - Part 1

Your Other Financial Debt Options - Debt Settlement

What Happens If I Win The Lottery During Bankruptcy?

What Are My Debt Options in Bankruptcy?

Default - The Student Loan Documentary - Full Version

Any Special Tips Before I Declare Bankruptcy?

After Bankruptcy How Do I Improve My Score?