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Action Advocacy PC
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 48 reviews
 by Gloria Boozer
Over and Beyond!

There aren’t enough words to say Thank You, to Attorney Falvey and his marvelous team! Before I came to his office I felt so beat down and that I was one of the worst people in the world because I couldn’t pay my bills. But from start to finish, they made me feel at ease and assured me that I wasn’t alone in my dilemma. Thank you Action Advocacy team, you have my heartfelt appreciation in helping me get a new start. You treated me like‘Family’.

 by John & Barbara Downing
Friendly and Hard Working Group

Atty Falvey, Jessica and Jenelle are the most awesome, friendly and hard working group of people ever. Highly recommend their services

 by Ljg
I Was Very Impressed

I would like to thank Atty. Dave Falvey and staff for helping me through the bankruptcy process with ease. I was very impressed with Jessica’s knowledge and Dave was awesome too - a great attorney. I have already recommended Dave to a friend. Thank you to everyone!

 by Jay
Thank You for the Awesomeness

The entire Action Advocacy organization is second to NONE when it comes to bankruptcy help.

 by David
I Would Recommend Attorney Falvey to Everyone

Attorney Falvey and his office staff were a pleasure to work with they answered all of questions. They responded to any emails and phone calls in a very timely manner. They made me feel extremely comfortable with my bankruptcy filing and put any doubt I had at ease. I would recommend Attorney Falvey to everyone that is even thinking about where to start the process of starting over.

 by A.L.
Highly Recommend Attorney Falvey

Highly recommend Attorney Falvey and his staff. Efficient, informative, attentive, and completely professional.

 by Sara Gregory
Can't Say Enough Good!

I have never met Attorney Falvey or his staff as we were in the midst of Covid and their office was closed. But that did not stop them from being my new best friends. Jessica was amazing as she guided me through the process of what was going to happen. I'm sure that there were many days that she must of thought OMG that women will drive me insane. When I talked to Dave for the first time it was like talking to an old friend, sometimes we got off topic but that just put me more at ease and feel less guilty about the bankruptcy. At 73, this was not what my husband I planned but thanks to Dave and his staff they were their by our side the whole way. They were like family and I would highly recommend them.. Dave thank you for your professional and compassionate way that you presented yourself.

 by Tod Frazer II
Amazing Legal Team

Attorney David Falvey and Jessica McCready are the most compassionate, caring, knowledgeable, supportive legal team a person could ask for. To put it bluntly they saved my life! God has angels walking among us and I truly believe they were mine in my time of need.

 by BM
I Highly Recommend Attorney Falvey

I want to thank Attorney Falvey for all his help with my bankruptcy. He assured me everything was going to be alright and it was. Attorney Falvey and Jessica are extremely knowledgeable and professional. Attorney Falvey is kind and patient and always answers all questions and takes his time to explain all procedures. I highly recommend Attorney Falvey. There are not too many people like Attorney Falvey. He really changed my life for the better. I am extremely grateful to him!!

 by JK
I Highly Recommend Attorney David Falvey and Jessica McCready

David Falvey and Jessica McCready are extremely knowledgeable of the entire bankruptcy process. They walk you through every step. I am so appreciative of all they have done for me. I am very thankful to them for helping me get through the bankruptcy process and a fresh new start.

 by Ron & Joann Percy
Help with our bankruptcy

We would like to thank attorney Falvey and Jessica for all there help. They are very nice and supportive during a difficult time. They are always there to answer questions and to calm your anxiety. Thank you.

 by Paulette W
I highly recommend Attorney Falvey

I just want take the time to thank Attorney David Falvey and the staff at his office for all the help and guidance throughout this process. They were there to answer all of my questions. I highly recommend Attorney Falvey to anyone that may need financial advice and guidance on how to get back on track financially.

 by R. Ward
I highly recommend Action Advocacy!

Thank you to Attorney Falvey and his great staff for helping with my case. They were there each step of the way and very accommodating! I highly recommend Action Advocacy!

 by Madeline H
Attorney Dave Falvey and his staff is the way to go!

From the moment I walked in to Action Advocacy I was super nervous and had a million questions about my financial situation and which ways were the best to go about it. Attorney Dave Falvey explained everything to me in complete detail and made me feel so much better about my situation. Throughout the entire process Dave and his staff were there for me and answered all of my (million) questions I had! Thank you everyone for everything and if you need financial/bankruptcy help, Attorney Dave Falvey and his staff is the way to go!

 by JG
I highly recommend Action Advocacy for Professional Guidance

Dave and his staff gave me professional guidance about how to handle and ultimately get rid of debt. I am now almost debt-free. Dave also educated me about many factors I hadn't taken into account. I highly recommend Action Advocacy and Dave in particular for your financial needs.

 by anonymous
Excellent attorney and staff

Dave is an excellent attorney, and he and his staff have an attention to detail that is unmatched. They also will explain the situation to you in language you can understand. Dave will not take your case to court unless he is sure you will will win. I highly recommend him.

 by Deborah Fratus
An Attorney who's always there for his clients

From the time we started our bankruptcy process, through now over four years later, Dave Falvey, and his team have been there to guide us through the process! They not only handled our case through the courts, but continue to provide support, and answers going forward as we deal with post bankruptcy questions, concerns, and possible violations of the bankruptcy laws by former creditors. We highly recommend Action Advocacy, and Dave Falvey to anyone seeking this type of assistance .

 by john g
Very Satisfied- Relieved!

Atty Falvey and company were integral in assisting me throughout my bankruptcy proceeding. As they understood my concerns and handled my case with care, I would like to extend my utmost gratitude for their help. Action Advocacy listened to all my financial problems and directed me toward a new path of financial awareness, understanding and a new beginning.

In addition to, Ken Davison and Atty Falvey helped me handle an on-going telephone harassment issue while going through this difficult time. In doing so, they were able to pursue these collectors for violations and have them pay me for the inconvenience. The proceeds paid for these violations were enough to pay for all the initial bankruptcy attorney's fees. Many thanks-

 by MG
They went above and beyond

Attorney Falvey and his competent and caring staff are just the best. I can not say enough words of appreciation of how helpful they were. They went above and beyond to make what seemed to me an overwhelming task manageable. They are true experts at what they do and you could not have a more seasoned veteran team on your side. Attorney Falvey truly sets the bar for lawyers in any field. If you are reading this review to choose a lawyer, look no more. You will be very ,very, hard pressed to find a better team.

 by Dave H
Thanks helping me get a new start.

I wrote a review several months ago thanking everyone at action advocacy for their help in collecting money for harassing calls. Today I am writing to thank attorney Dave Falvey and attorney Ken Davison for the excellent work . Also Jessica and the rest of the staff who worked very hard on my behalf.Being in financial trouble is very stressful, but everyone at Action Advocacy really helped me through this difficult time. Thanks to these people I am getting a new start.

 by christina
Great Attorneys For The People Of Connecticut

I want to personally thank Attorney Ken Davidson and Attorney Dave Falvey and their amazing staff! especially Jessica, for assisting with all the documents and organization. They are professional and knowledgable and go above and beyond to actually help and educate their clients. I went through a divorce which included all the horrible aspects of abuse and it was also emotionally and financially stressful on me and my children. I cannot recommend them enough for their knowledge and professionalism. I am honored to say I found this amazing attorney myself with some research, and cannot extend my gratitude enough. Highly recommend.

 by Richard morton
A Very Special Thank You To Attorney Ken Davidson

I would like to take this time to express my feelings of gratitude towards the staff at Dave Falvey's office. I needed legal help and they went out of their way to help me. A very special thank you to attorney Ken Davidson who wouldn’t give up until I got the help I needed. Thank you all!

 by David H.
At First I Was Skeptical, But Today I Walked Away With A Significant Check

I went in for a consultation regarding my debts and a few months later Attorney Falvey's office was able to get a creditor to pay $7,000.00 for harassing phone calls that were made to me. This is not the end. I have other creditors who we have found violated the law in their collection methods and I expect to receive more money soon. So I can tell you that when the office staff shows you how to make money, believe them. At first I was skeptical but today I walked away with a significant check and I am waiting for other creditors to pay me more money. Thanks to everyone for the guidance in helping me through these difficult financial times. Everyone at Attorney Falvey's office has been a great help.
David H.

 by Gene B.
This Team And Staff Is Of The Highest Calibre

If you have any serious financial problem, ACTION ADVOCACY is the solution! I was completely hopeless when I lost my career due to illness-and I maxed out my credit cards, a home equity loan, and my mortgage was under water and months behind payment. I was facing foreclosure and constant phone calls from creditors. Attorney Falvey's tremendous expertise and gentle words of wisdom gave me a fresh, confident plan to reestablish my financial freedom. Attorney Davison was especially effective in his stalwart foreclosure defense of my home. Attorney Davison even made the mortgage company (that I owed money to!) pay me a settlement check for harassing phone calls, after Attorney Davison sent them legal notice to stop calling me-but they continued to call. This team and staff is of the highest calibre and, above all, unbelievably humane. God Bless and Thank You

 by Fresh start
Attorney Falvey Was The Answer I Needed To Move Forward

Simply stated - Attorney Falvey and his wonderful staff is the team of professionals who can help guide you thru this difficult process! After 3 Attorneys gave me three different scenarios, I was confused and mistrusting and determined to "rough" it out on my own. I knew however that I would never break out of my depression, with my past hanging over my head. Attorney Falvey was the answer I needed to move forward. It is hard for me to convey how thankful I am for all his help. The seemingly mountain of tasks and paperwork was broken down into small assignments that I could get through. And if I became overwhelmed, Attorney Falvey's antidotes and pep talks and wisdom brought me back into focus along with his most patient and helpful staff.

This review is to help others know you can trust you are in the best hands to move forward.

 by Dane W.
Exceptional Services and True Results

I was searching for a way to clear my debt and came across their website for debt counseling.

I met with David Falvey and found that due to my specific circumstances, that it would be best for me to file bankruptcy. I had owned a very successful business for 10 years from 2007 until current, and it was unfortunately failing, due to non payment from clients and other hardships in the economy.

After meeting with David Falvey and Ken Davison, we agreed that bankruptcy was really my only option.

David has put together truly a well designed system with everything I needed to resolve my predicament before it got to far out of hand.

He equipment me with ALL of the information and steps needed to be taken to file a solid case for Ultimately a positive outcome.

After everything was done, an immense weight and burden was lifted from me and my family.

Truly I tell you I thought I had No way out of my responsible debt. But Action Advocacy is the REAL DEAL!. I could not have done it without them and their entire team. I have a Fresh start in life without the burden of overwhelming debt incurred from my business.

If I can only tell you there is always a way, and this company can find it for you. Give them the chance to help you in your situation and you will be surely impressed with what they can do for you.

 by RB, GB
Action Advocacy


 by LL

Attorney Falvey and staff were courteous and understanding with my situation. They were there every step of the way with a free consultation and then the actual procedure.

 by Armand
Highest recommendations

Attorney Falvey and his staff come with my highest of recommendations. Very professional, knowledgeable and experienced. Reassuring in every aspect. Very thankful for their efforts and helping me gain a fresh start.

 by Kerri

Highly recommend David Falvey and his staff, very professional, reassuring and experienced. Always took my calls and responded to my email in a timely fashion. Highly encourage anyone looking for bankruptcy help to contact his office.

 by steve and anita geraci
our review

Excellent Attorney,very thorough explained everything great would refer anyone who needs a great firm!

 by Maureen
Action Advocacy gets results

Had an issue with company reporting incorrect information to credit bureaus and Action Advocacy contacted them to not only fix the problem but had the company pay me for damages. Would highly recommend this office as they are friendly and you get results.

Best Service I received

I would to thank Attorney Falvey and his staff for their excellent work in helping me settle my finances so quickly. The experience was the best I ever had. I would recommend Attorney Falvey and Attorney Ken Davison to anyone that ever has a financial problem. I could not believe that they were able to get $3,230 back from two of my creditors because they harassed me.

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