Once step in the process of bankruptcy, specifically related to chapter 7 and chapter 13, are the filing fees. Knowing these fees are important, but for chapter 7 bankruptcy, it’s important to first determine whether you actually qualify for it.

You can make this determination by completing the Chapter 7 Means Test for your county in Connecticut and once you have completed it, if you find you qualify, continue with the information below.

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 filing costs

The costs or fees which the bankruptcy charges have varied over the years. Since the fees are constantly changing you can click here and visit the U.S. Bankruptcy Court’s website. But here is a current summary of fees for each chapter:

  • Chapter 7 filing fee: $299.00
  • Chapter 13: filing fee: $274.00
  • Amendment fee: $26.00

Amendment Fee: $26.00 per amendment – when you omit a creditor and want to make certain that the creditor is added to your list of debts to be discharged.

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What are the filing fees for chapter 7, and chapter 13 and what does it cost to file bankruptcy? The filing fee for a chapter 7 is $299.00 and for a chapter 13, the filing fee is $274.00.

Now if you own real estate, you will need an appraisal. Legal fees start at $1490.00 for a chapter 7 and go higher. Please note that I said that my legal fees start at $1490.00 and go higher.

Over the years a few of my clients have wondering why after I have quoted them that number that my fees go a bit higher – “but your video said $1490.00, and I tell them yes that is the starting fee, but they can go up higher. How high? Anywhere from $2500.00 to $5000.00 I would say.

I determine the legal fees based on the amount of debt owing, and the complexity of your case in preparing a discharge of your debts. Therefore my chapter 7 fees range from 5 cents to ten cents on the dollar, of the total debt to be discharged.

On a chapter 13, my legal fees start at $3500.00 and go to $5500.00 and sometimes higher. You should know that in bankruptcy court as opposed to most courts, attorney fees for the consumer are scrutinized by the the U.S. Trustees Office, the Standing Trustee, and the Judge in the matter.

If the court finds that any fee is not within the guidelines of the court, and therefore not proper, the attorney will be order to discourage and return his fees.